Monday, May 22, 2006

What should I do?

Honey and I got married about a year ago. We decided to have a cookout to celebrate our one-year anniversary. I have started sending out invitations to our friends and family that we are including, but haven't sent them to everyone just yet. Here's my cunundrum.

Last year, a few months after the wedding, I had a falling out with one of my girlfriends. Things in our group had been somewhat tense leading up to the wedding. The funny thing is, I never actually talked with Daphnie, but rather, heard about her issues with me (all which differed according to whom I heard it from) from other people in the circle. I tried talking with her, but she didn't return my calls and then when she decided she was ready to talk with me (months after the fact) I didn't feel the need to talk to her. I will must add that she didn't give us a wedding gift. Then, there's another "friend" who has yet to give us a wedding gift after I had spent a considerable amount of money, never mind time looking for her wedding gift. Plus, she has made a few comments here and there that I didn't appreciate about my husband (before we were married--during the dating stage). Nothing really bad, but it was enough to get under my skin. Finally, my old roommate, also good friends with Daphnie, came to my wedding, but didn't give us a wedding gift.

Now, the one thing that Honey and I said was that we didn't expect people to give us wedding gifts. We both had places of our own before getting married and had pretty much everything that we need. However, I guess I just thought that people who we cared about and people to whom presumably we were special would care enough to at least give a token of affection for us and our special occasion. Perhaps I thought too much.

Here we are and I am wondering if I should invite these three people to our home for our anniversary celebration? I could take the high road with them and just invite them and possibly give them one last shot at redemption or I could not invite them, knowing that this could come back to me later.

I'm probably putting too much thought into this because these people are not going to make or break the gathering. But, it is the principle of the thing. Maybe I will just invite them, but not bother to go through the effort of sending them the cute invitations that I had made for the occasion.